What is Ki-Aikido?


Ki-Aikido combines training the mind with training the body. Mind moves body. Therefore, Ki-Aikido does not focus on repetition of different techniques, but primarily on training the mind, through which bodily movements become stronger.


Ki-Aikido is suitable for men and women of all ages, and does not require physical strength.


The club exhibits very low hierarchy, and new members are welcome at any time. Senior members will help you to get started.

Ki-Aikido seminars with

Rainer Varis, 7th dan Shihan


*Stavanger, Norway, 20-21 May 2022

Friday at 17:00-19:00

at Ki-Dojo Stavanger, Flintegata 4. 

Saturday at 11:00 – 17:00

(incl. lunch break)

in Kampsport matte 1, Stavanger Ishall (Siddishallen), Ishockeyveien 7.

Everybody is welcome regardless of style, age or experience. Fee 400 kr.

More information: Esa Lilja, tel. +47 482 16 493, email below.



*Ähtäri, Finland, 22-23 July 2022

at Jushinkan dojo, Ähtärin liikuntahalli, Lukiontie 1.

Detailed schedule TBA.

More information about travel and accommodation: Esa Lilja, tel. +47 482 16 493, email below.

Ki-aikido Stavanger

Aikido with Mind & Body Coordinated


(Calligraphy by Ai Takase)



Ki-Aikido Karasukai

Stavanger, Norway

Esa Lilja

tel. +47 482 16 493


* KnK Musubi Newsletter #7

(March 2022)